The Diamond-100ml Iron Art Aroma Therapy Oil Dispenser

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Better Health With Ease
Oil diffusers give you so many health benefits via the use of essential oils.
Want more mental clarity & better memory while working on a project or other brain demanding
task? Simply add some Peppermint or Lemon oils to help you think more clearly & help
increase your memory.
Want a calming & therapeutic, & nights sleep? Then add some drops of Lavender oil to help
you get a more relaxing & complete nights sleep.
Or maybe you have a cold or flu you want to get over. Then just add some Rosemary to
Cinnamon oil to help you become relieved of, and prevent further sickness.
There's so much more health benefits of oil diffusers. But needless to say, if you want to feel &
be better, then the Plume aroma oil diffuser can help you do just that.

The Plume - Aroma Oil Diffuser, allows you to set it to between 1/3/& 6 Hours of continuous use. Allowing you to set it & forget it, while gaining all the amazing benefits throughout the day. Plus it has both Low, & High Mist option, giving you the option to choose the perfect amount of mist for you & your home. Making it just right. On top of that, it also has an “Auto Off” function, where it will shut off whenever it’s empty so that it won’t run without reason. Saving you money, & letting you know when it needs refilled. The best part? It can all be controlled via a wireless remote control, so whether your sitting on a couch, laying in your bed, or wherever you are. All you have to do is grab the remote, & turn it on. Allowing you to gain all the benefits of the Plume - Aroma Oil Diffuser (fresher air, better health, etc.) without having to move a muscle, & staying in the comfortable spot your currently in. Giving you much ease & convenience.

Enhance Your Home The air isn’t the only thing the Plum - Aroma Oil Diffusers freshens up. Add Ambiance & freshness to the look of your home with its unique Oval design & the “detailed Wood” look & feel. Enchaining the look & feel of any room it’s placed in, allowing you to feel good, & enhancing the mood of anyone who enters the room.

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