Q: Is the Plume - Aroma Oil Diffuser Loud?
A: Not at all, it's made specifically to be as silent as possible. Allowing you to use it at night
without interrupting your sleep. Or throughout the day without any sort of annoying/distracting
noises & sounds.
So you can be worry free knowing that you won’t have to deal with any of that.
Q: Does The Plume Aroma Oil Diffuser Also Humidify The Air?
A: Yes, since you are putting water into the diffuser alone with the oil it will also humidify the air
to an extent.
With its 2 “Misting Options” you can choose how much you would like it to do so.
So that you can pick what’s most comfortable for you & your home.
Gain a better nights sleep with the diffusion of aroma therapy oils.
Help get over & prevent the cold & flu by diffusing & adsorbing health boosting oils.
Enhance your mood & help relieve stress by intaking mood boosting oil particles in the air.
Helping you to both feel better & refreshed.
Freshen the air in your home & get rid of unwanted smells such at mildew via the use of air
freshening aroma oil throughout your home. Allowing it to feel & smell more welcoming.

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