The Butterfly Diffuser

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Unique design-Electric Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
Feel calm, healthy, & free as a butterfly with Air Butterfly - Essential Aroma Oil Diffuser.
1.Naturally, Improve Your Health - Studies have shown that essential oils can effectively cleanse
people of fungus & viral bacteria.
Intaking these essential oils as a form of therapy is a much more natural way to help combat
these harmful bacteria, while also boosting your immunity to them. Allowing you to be happy &
Feel Energized & Pain-Free - Intaking aromatic Essential oils help increase oxygen to your brain,
allowing you to feel refreshed with increased focus & energy.
Plus studies have shown that using essential oils from aromatherapy can heal people of pain
while increasing their tolerance.
2.Using the Air Butterfly - Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser to disperse the aromatic oils into the air.
Can help to alleviate any pain & discomfort.
Allowing you to feel a healing effect come upon you, while also have increased energy to go
take on your day in the best possible way.
Clear Your Mind & Feel Free As a Butterfly - Using the Air Butterfly - Aromic Essential Oil
Diffuser to disperse & breath in Essential oils.
Can be used as a natural sedative, calming & relieving you of any nerves & stress you may have.
While also increase brain functions such as mental clarity, improved memory, & increased focus.
So while breathing in these aromatic oils, you can be in a constant state of calmness & feeling
free from any stress or anxiety.
While also helping to stay more focused on important tasks, increase your memory of things, &
clear your mind of any "fog".
3. Take It All In - The "Air Butterfly" is designed in such a way that when the oil mist rises up &
gets released from within. It is evenly dispersed throughout the room, helping to ensure there
won't be a spot missed.
Allowing you to breathe in & gain all its benefits (while also making the entire room smell great
4. Quite & relaxing - The "Air Butterfly" releases the aromatic oil in a quiet, peaceful, & gently
manner. Ensuring you can use it any time of the day without any disturbance.
While also allowing you use it at night & have improved deep & restful sleep as you the
aromatic oils disperse throughout the night...
Waking up feeling well-rested & refreshed.
5. Pick Your Color - Having 7 different LED colors to choose from.
These calming LED lights to provide a relaxed atmosphere, while also giving you the
customization to make the "Air Butterfly" unique to you & how to want it.
High-Quality Materials - The Air Butterfly is made with top-grade PP materials. Providing it
with increased durability while also improving its quality of use & abilities, giving you peace of
6. Stay Safe & Save Money - Whenever the "Air Butterfly" is empty or slanted, it will
automatically turn off.
This "safety mode" not only helps the surrounding environment stay safe from any sort of
"leakage" that could occur due to slanted or tilted positioning.
It also helps save you money by not running any longer than it needs to.
Keeping your home or office protected, while also keeping your cash.
1. Q: How Long Can I Run the Air Butterfly For?
A: You can continuously run the Air Butterfly for up to 3 hours, or up to 6 hours intermittently
before needing to add more water & oil.
Q: Do I Have To Add Water Or Only The Essential Oils?
A: The Air Butterfly requires both water & essential oils to function properly. The added water
helps disperse the oils throughout the room in a fine mist. The maximum capacity it 100ml.
Q: Since Water Is Added, Does The Air Butterfly Also Humidify?
A: Yes, even though it's main function isn't to humidify. Since water is being dispersed in a mist
along with the oil it will also humidify the general area to a degree. Giving you double benefits.
• The dispersion of essential oils helps to naturally fight off illnesses & bacteria while also
increasing immunity to them. Both improving & keeping your health
• Be relieved of aches & pains via aromatherapy the Air Butterfly provides. While also
boosting energy levels & helping you feel energized throughout the day.
• Breathing in essential oils the Air butterfly disperses works as a natural sedative & brain
booster. Helping to relieve you of stress & nervousness, while also helping to increase
your memory, focus, & mental clarity.
• 7 different LED lights to choose from giving you the customization to make the Air
Butterfly your own. While also providing personality & calmness to any room.
• A built-in "safety mode" helps to prevent leakage & unneeded use. Helping you to keep
your home or office safe from liquid, while also saving you money.
• Built to remain quiet while in use, you can use the Air Angel any time of the day without
any disturbance. Plus allowing you to use it at night for the aromatic oils to improve your
sleep. So you can wake up feeling fully refreshed & ready to take on the day.
• The use of water also helps humidify the room as well. Giving double the use & benefits.
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1 x Air Humidifier
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Measuring Glass
1 x Operation Instruction